Our Team

Sean Brown
Director and Senior Attorney

Sean graduated from the University of Johannesburg with an L.L.B. degree in 2004. He also holds a number of additional qualifications including certificates in Sectional Title Management and Homeowner Association Management issued by the University of Cape Town. Sean has also been the receiver of a number of legal accolades including the prestigious Blakes prize for Applied Legal Studies.

During his studies, Sean was selected from an elite number of final year law students as a tutor to younger law students and is in addition to this an honorary member of the prestigious Golden Key International Society for outstanding achievement.

Sean also serves the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development by sitting as a presiding officer in the Small Claims Court of Palm Ridge being appointed to do so by the Minister of Justice, Mr. Jeff Radebe. He is also admitted for right of appearance in the High Court in terms of section 4(2) of the Right of Appearance in Courts Act 62 of 1995. Over and above all these achievements Sean is also highly involved in the community and is the chairman of various non-profit organisations including the Alberton Business Forum.

Sean, as founding member of the firm, established S. Brown Attorneys in 2010. In this time, he has developed a highly successful practise acting for many body corporates, managing agents and community living schemes as well as high ranking corporates and international companies. He is also highly involved in insurance litigation, commercial litigation and liquidations over and above a highly extensive practise dealing with laws relating to property, family law and alternative dispute resolution. He is also well recognised for his abilities in winding-up of deceased estates and drafting of wills combined with estate planning.

Sean also consults extensively regarding the import and interpretation of new legislation and is well known for his extensive and insightful legal opinions which are greatly sought after.

Sean lives by the motto “do it right the first time…”


Michelle Buchanan
Senior Paralegal and Head of Department : Conveyancing


With over 10 years in the conveyancing fraternity Michelle combines the strength of knowledge, responsibility and experience to deliver an incomparable service. She is well loved by her clients’ and has, on a number of occasions, been referred to as the “best conveyancing contact”. Michelle holds a number of certificates in conveyancing practice including Ghost convey, Korbitec and advanced conveyancing practise to name but a few.

Michelle’s specialties are transfers of fixed property, registration of ante-nuptial contracts, registration of servitudes and registration of community scheme developments. Her expeditious turnaround times coupled with her drive to always do and be the finest has placed her at the forefront of all her peers, who admire not only her passion, but her professionalism and the meticulous manner in which she is able to always be the asset to her client.

Michelle lives by the saying “let’s get it done…”



Petro van Niekerk
Senior Paralegal and Head of Department : Collections


Petro commenced her legal career in 2013 and has in such a short space of time built herself up to be a highly accomplished paralegal and a highly successful legal understudy. Petro’s intricate knowledge and understanding of the litigation and collection process and her precise attention to detail and time periods sets her and her department apart from her competitive colleagues. Petro holds a number of diplomas in various fields of legal work including debt collection, civil and criminal law and procedure, litigation, wills and estates, business law and property law and conveyancing. She also holds a senior paralegal diploma issued by the respected The South African School of Paralegal Studies. Petro soared up the legal ranks due to her diligence and commitment. She heads up a highly efficient and popular litigation and collection department whose success in the industry is top notch and without compare.

Petro practices by the motto “there is no time like the now…”

Zuhara Hardien
Personal Assistant to Director & Head of Department : Correspondent Division


Zuraha has worked in the legal fraternity from 1991 and has thus accumulated 25 years’ experience in law and more particularly litigation and corporate law. Zuraha heads the firm’s litigation division and its commercial arm having experience in drafting of all litigious pleadings, a variety of contracts and commercial agreements, divorce matters, maintenance matters and correspondent work. Zuraha heads up the firm’s correspondent division dealing daily with an excess of 20 correspondent attorney firms including the likes of Bowman Gilfillan, Hooyberg and other such prestigious law firms who find her work ethic both effectual and proficient.

Zuraha lives by the saying “it must and will be done right”

Stephanie van Zyl
Senior Bookkeeper and Head of Department: Accounts


Stephanie has worked in the legal accounts industry for over 30 years. Her remarkable knowledge and experience in legal accounts, bookkeeping and accounting systems and software has labelled her the forerunner of legal accounting and bookkeeping.

Stephanie has worked for a number of law firms over a span of years specialising in a variety of programmes, software and legal practises. Her preciseness and attention to legal costing is a valuable asset not only S. Brown Attorneys but to its clients who rely heavily on her accounting and costing expertise.

Her incomparable knowledge in legal accounts and her considerable wisdom and unrivalled skill in LegalSuite™ to which S. Brown Attorneys is aligned has found her training and facilitating not only our own staff but other legal firms in addition to Legalsuite™ trainees who rely on her wealth of knowledge as an indispensable asset.

Stephanie works on the maxim “the devil is in the detail…”



Selma Savitz
Librarian and Head of Department : Legal Research


Selma has worked in the legal research and knowledge database sorority for in excess of 30 years. Her wealth of information is a proverbial and literal fountain of knowledge.Selma’s commemoration regarding legal developments, her ability to recall legal advancements and her ability to access information is unequalled and beyond compare.As a librarian and legal researcher Selma arms S. Brown Attorneys with the latest information relating to its specialities therefore making sure that the latest developments in the law are accounted for and taken into consideration when dealing with its client’s matters, this in an industry where legal dynamics do not stand idle.

Selma lives by the dictum “knowledge is not just power but is key…”


Yvette Pretoruis
Ambassador and Administration Assistant & Communications and Technology Officer


Yvette’s superb organisational skills, attention to detail and her outstanding customer service skills as the ambassador of the Firm, sets the Firm aside from all others by ensuring that legal stresses are dealt with promptly, professionally and pertinently. With a background in web technology, problem solving and communications Yvette ensures that the Firm runs smoothly and effectively thus allowing you as the customer to remain the Firms priority. Yvette’s energy and commitment to the Firm’s clients certifies the Firms approach that the Client always comes first.

Yvette’s personal slogan is “together we can achieve all”


Minah Mofokeng
Admin Assistant and Filing Clerk


Minah prides herself in her work ethic and her willingness to support. Her exuberance, presentation and willingness to assist not only her colleagues but the firm’s clients’ sets the benchmark and yardstick for the firms’ hospitality, commitment and enthusiasm. Her prompt response time and matchless eagerness to please is the cornerstone of the firm’s values and principles. Her infectious friendliness brings a whole new dimension to what is perceived as a disheartening fraternity.

Minah lives by the motto “a happy you, is a happy me…”

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